Streamyx vs UNIFI

A collected data to be used as benchmark agains UNIFI, which includes speedstest result, and also pingtest result.
Let’s start with TM speedtest website(

Speedtest Result (Speedtest hosted by TM)

Previous account (streamyx) was capped at 1.5Mbps to counter the overhead loss. Such configuration enabled me get the subsribed access speed, as advertised. As for Unifi, TM didn’t expect much of signal loss since it’s now on fibre, hence the speed is capped as per advertised. I’ve no complaint on this, and happily accept it :)
This test is really important and should be done the moment they finished installing Unifi at your place. If you fail to secure good local access speed, one can start guessing what will be the international access speed would be. So always, do this as part of troubleshooting your internet problem. If you do not get the good speed, the start making some noise to TM. :)
Now, let’s check how Unifi performs outside Malaysia.. i mean, international traffic :)
We’ll start with our closest neighbour, Singapore.

Speedtest result to Singapore (

It seems that Unifi still manage to maintain its access speed as per advertised to outside Malaysia; Singapore. Streamyx did some fair amount of job, considering it reached its possible maximum access speed. Now, let’s move a bit further to the east; Japan.

Speedtest result to Japan (
Suprisingly, Streamyx was still having a good connection to Japan, maxing out the access speed as advertised. As for Unifi, the download speed delivered as what promised by TM, however the upload speed seemed to suffer some minor setback. Let’s raise the challenge a bit by moving to the west; UK i.e. Manchester.

Speedtest result to UK (
Speedtest to UK/US is really important as these are where most of the website contents are hosted. Having poor access speed to UK/US means that you are in deep trouble. Haha! Therefore, it is always good to know your potential limit/constraint so that you can carry out some optimization on  your side to rebound and to get the maximum access speed during download :)
Based on the tests conducted above, Streamyx was looking quite good, however, Unifi did perform very well, attaining access speed close to advertised. Difference in access speed (1.18 Mbps vs 4.67 Mbps) is therefore the important decisive factor for Unifi to stand out in this test. Now, let’s move further west (US) before we can conclude the testing. :)

Speedtest result to US (

Suprisingly, although the tested server was located about 8500 miles away, Unifi seemed to deliver consistent speed, as advertised. Such achievement must follow with great compliment. So double thumbs up to TM! Good job TM!
Fibre is the way forward for the digital communication :)
As additional analysis, I also did some Pingtest to local server, Singapore, US and also UK server. Typically, local connection to MY should be very LOW (less than 30), otherwise you will face connection drop issues and this is not good for gaming purposes. You may miss headshot dude!

Pingtest result (

Is UniFi "Sync" with facebook? (LOL)
EDITED: One final test, upload test! Just uploaded HD movie to Facebook. I was quite impressed with the speed. (417 KBps, or roughly about 4Mbps upload speed)
Yeah... This is what i mean about the compatibility of fiber (UniFi service) by TM (Telekom Malaysia). 

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  1. Wow!! Such a great of UniFi services in Malaysia..

    Why does Streamyx is more efficient sometimes? Is it because of the UniFi services? I think, it is.. :)