What is My UniFi Router Model

In UniFi, there are 4 types of router as at 10 July 2014. So far, both router has their own speciality.

TM UniFi D-link DIR615 Router
UniFi D-link Router

TM UniFi D-link RnD Router
UniFi RnD Router

TM UniFi L7 NR2000 Router
UniFi L7 Router

TM UniFi Innatech Router

UniFi TP-Link Archer C1200 Router

Facing problem with UniFi Router??
Click here for UniFi D-Link Router
Click here for UniFi RnD Router
Click here for UniFi L7 Router
Click here for UniFi INNATECH Router
Click here for UniFi TP-Link Archer C1200

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5 Responses to "What is My UniFi Router Model"

  1. TM operator keep calling up asking me to upgrading my unifi instead of solving my connection problem which i make a complaints online! NO FEEDBACK AT ALL OR CALLS FRM TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT!

    1. Dear yuki.

      For any complaints, it is recommended to go to TM Point or make report via phone call.

  2. What's the real model of the router? It seems like we have both L7 and INNATECH but I can't find it on the DD-WRT website. I want to adjust the QoS so that my computer has priority.

  3. i forget my router login password and all the other passwaord such as operator etc doesnt work

  4. Ive reset mine..then login go fr setup wizard..still no to fix it..mine is innatech router