Maintaining Existing TM Phone Number for UniFi Service

A friendly reminder that all customers with TM Phone service will be able to maintain their existing TM Phone service number(s) when upgrading to the UniFi service with no additional fee. This feature has been effective since 22 June 2012.

All services must be registered under the same account owner and installed at the same address.

Please note, if customers choose this arrangement, they will continue to receive separate bills for each service subscribed. The call rates or call plan on their existing TM Phone number will still be maintained.
(A money saving tip: to enjoy better call rates, encourage customers to use the UniFi phone service)

For UniFi registration through portal, please choose Option 1 if customers want to terminate their Streamyx service only while maintaining their existing TM Phone or Option 3 if customers want to maintain both Streamyx and their TM Phone during their UniFi service registration.

For more info, please log on to: or visit the nearest TMpoint or call 100 or 1-300-88-1222 for more information.
 *Subject to Terms & Conditions

1)     How does it work?
The existing TM Phone line must be active (not be terminated or PR) upon installation of UniFi service.

2)     How to apply?

Type of  Customer
Touch Points
New UniFi Customer
(with existing TM Phone)
a)     TMpoint
b)     TMUC
c)     TMSC
d)     Reseller/Agent
e)     Self-care portal
f)      AE/CSM
Application form:
Please DO NOT tick “Terminate Streamyx & TM Homeline” and “Terminate TM Homeline”

UniFi Portal:
Please DO NOT tick “Terminate Streamyx and phone line after UniFi is installed” option
Existing UniFi Customer
(with existing TM Phone)
a)     TMpoint
b)     TMUC
c)     100 Calll Center
d)     Reseller/Agent
e)     AE/CSM

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