UniFi Packages for Different-abled Person

UniFi Packages for Different-abled Person

We are pleased to announce that UniFi service will be offered to “Differently-Abled Persons” (OKU) citizens effective 21 November 2012. The package offers attractive discount rate specially designed to allow this special target group to enjoy and experience the benefits of TM’s high speed broadband service.  This is part of TM’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) to enable OKU citizens to be acknowledged as one of the critical components of national human capital development.   

Details of UniFi OKU package offering are as below:

OKU Package

Important Notes:

1. An OKU citizen can only subscribe up to one (1) OKU package per OKU identification (OKU ID) card.

2. Applicable only for serviceable UniFi areas. Subject to service availability and technical testing.

3. Applicable only for VIP packages. Package features are similar with commercial residential packages.

4. Application is only at selected TMpoint.

5. The minimum subscription period for UniFi is 24 months. RM500 will be charged for pre-mature service termination. 

6. Applicants may send a representative to TMpoint to register for the package on behalf of him/her.

7. Upon registration:

a) Applicant:
Must present an original OKU ID card and NRIC for validation purpose. A copy for both OKU ID card and NRIC also must be submitted during application process. 

b) Applicant on behalf : 
Must present an original NRIC and authorized letter from OKU citizen that allows him/her to register on behalf.

Must submit a certified copy of original OKU ID card and NRIC for validation purpose.

8. The OKU ID card must be issued by Department of Social Welfare, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

9. Online registration is NOT applicable for this package.

10. Other business rules are similar to Commercial residential packages and subject to UniFi service standard Terms & Conditions.

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