Exciting UniFi & Streamyx Upgrading Promotion!

Great news for UniFi and Streamyx customers!

Now you can upgrade your internet speed, whether it’s UniFi to UniFi, Streamyx to UniFi or Streamyx to Streamyx, and continue paying your current monthly charges for the first 3 months! You only pay the new price, based on your upgraded package, from the 4th month onwards. Upgrade now at no extra cost at all.

Important Notes:
  1. Standard  UniFi VIP Package,  TM Broadband & Phone Package and TM Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.
  2. Promotion valid from 24 March 2012 until further notice and applicable to existing RESIDENTIAL customers and for UPGRADE applications only
  3. All TM Rewards existing members will get 1,000 points upon upgrading. For Non-TM Rewards members to be eligible for the 1,000 points, membership registration within the promotion period is needed
  4. All existing Streamyx and UniFi customers are eligible for this promotion except subscribers of:

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