Deposit for UniFi Non-Malaysian Customer

Effective 24 April 2012, foreigner or non-Malaysian citizen will need to pay upfront deposit of RM1000 for subscription of UniFi package.

Important information:

  1. The deposit amount of RM1000 applicable for Foreigner (non citizen of Malaysia) only.
  2. The amount of RM1000 per UniFi package must be paid (cash or credit card) upfront during registration. 
  3. Registration and processing can only be done at TMpoint. Application via other channels such as TM Authorized Dealers (TAD), Customer and Reseller portal are prohibited and blocked.
  4. The deposit paid is not transferable.
  5. The deposit amount will knock off all outstanding amounts in final bill. If there is a balance, TM will refund customer in cheque form within 30 to 90 days subject to the amount due.
  6. Other business rules are similar to Commercial residential & business packages and subject to UniFi service standard Terms & Conditions. 

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