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Streamyx vs UNIFI

A collected data to be used as benchmark agains UNIFI, which includes speedstest result, and also pingtest result.
Let’s start with TM speedtest website(

Speedtest Result (Speedtest hosted by TM)

Previous account (streamyx) was capped at 1.5Mbps to counter the overhead loss. Such configuration enabled me get the subsribed access speed, as advertised. As for Unifi, TM didn’t expect much of signal loss since it’s now on fibre, hence the speed is capped as per advertised. I’ve no complaint on this, and happily accept it :)
This test is really important and should be done the moment they finished installing Unifi at your place. If you fail to secure good local access speed, one can start guessing what will be the international access speed would be. So always, do this as part of troubleshooting your internet problem. If you do not get the good speed, the start making some noise to TM. :)
Now, let’s check how Unifi performs outside Malaysia.. i mean, international traffic :)
We’ll start with our closest neighbour, Singapore.

Speedtest result to Singapore (

It seems that Unifi still manage to maintain its access speed as per advertised to outside Malaysia; Singapore. Streamyx did some fair amount of job, considering it reached its possible maximum access speed. Now, let’s move a bit further to the east; Japan.

Speedtest result to Japan (
Suprisingly, Streamyx was still having a good connection to Japan, maxing out the access speed as advertised. As for Unifi, the download speed delivered as what promised by TM, however the upload speed seemed to suffer some minor setback. Let’s raise the challenge a bit by moving to the west; UK i.e. Manchester.

Speedtest result to UK (
Speedtest to UK/US is really important as these are where most of the website contents are hosted. Having poor access speed to UK/US means that you are in deep trouble. Haha! Therefore, it is always good to know your potential limit/constraint so that you can carry out some optimization on  your side to rebound and to get the maximum access speed during download :)
Based on the tests conducted above, Streamyx was looking quite good, however, Unifi did perform very well, attaining access speed close to advertised. Difference in access speed (1.18 Mbps vs 4.67 Mbps) is therefore the important decisive factor for Unifi to stand out in this test. Now, let’s move further west (US) before we can conclude the testing. :)

Speedtest result to US (

Suprisingly, although the tested server was located about 8500 miles away, Unifi seemed to deliver consistent speed, as advertised. Such achievement must follow with great compliment. So double thumbs up to TM! Good job TM!
Fibre is the way forward for the digital communication :)
As additional analysis, I also did some Pingtest to local server, Singapore, US and also UK server. Typically, local connection to MY should be very LOW (less than 30), otherwise you will face connection drop issues and this is not good for gaming purposes. You may miss headshot dude!

Pingtest result (

Is UniFi "Sync" with facebook? (LOL)
EDITED: One final test, upload test! Just uploaded HD movie to Facebook. I was quite impressed with the speed. (417 KBps, or roughly about 4Mbps upload speed)
Yeah... This is what i mean about the compatibility of fiber (UniFi service) by TM (Telekom Malaysia). 

TM lifts UniFi download cap

Good news. The download cap on Telekom Malaysia’s UniFi high speed broadband service packages has been suspended.
The telco made the announcement on the Twitter microblogging site yesterday and said it made the decision after taking into account public feedback on the cap.
“NO volume cap for all unifi packages 4 now. Decision due to public feedback. TM will only monitor usage pattern 4 time being,” read the tweet.
A spokesman for Telekom Malaysia, when contacted, said the telco, however, still reserved the right to enforce a download limit to ensure all UniFi subscribers received equal service quality.
Yesterday, many Malaysians complained on Twitter about the cap. They were disappointed because the cap would restrict the amount of data they can download via the high speed broadband service each day.
They were also disappointed to learn that if the cap was exceeded, their connections would be throttled down to about 10% of the purchased speed. UniFi is available in 5Mbps (megabits per second), 10Mbps and 20Mbps packages.

Friday, 25 November 2011

TM’S UniFi Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary

Telekom Malaysia Berhad’s (TM) High Speed Broadband (HSBB) service, UniFi, has proven to be a huge success since its soft launch on 24 March last year; beating TM’s internal take-up estimates. 

To date, the number of UniFi customers nationwide has rapidly grown to 60,000, from 33,000 at the end of 2010, and within the first three months of 2011. UniFi is currently available at 61 exchange areas with close to 800,000 premises passed. The areas include the 53 in the Inner Klang Valley as well Nusajaya in Iskandar Malaysia and industrial areas around the country including 3 in Penang and 1 in Kedah; 2 in Johor and 2 in Selangor. 

A year ago on 24 March, UniFi was initially launched in four areas – Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and Bangsar, and since then TM has been aggressively rolling out the service to meet the Public-Private Partnership agreement target of 1.3mil premises passed by the end of 2012. 

By June 2010, TM’s HSBB service had been expanded to a further 23 exchange areas nationwide and by the end of 2010, UniFi had reached 48 exchanges nationwide; bringing the total number of premises passed to more than 750,000. 

“Being the first and premier HSBB service provider in Malaysia has been an immensely challenging and rewarding experience for TM as a Company. The HSBB roll-out has been one of the fastest in the world in terms of implementation and largest in terms of scope. We rolled out the infrastructure and service in a record time of 18 months. To date, we continue to offer the fastest sustained data packages in Malaysia with our UniFi VIP20 and BIZ20 packages. As for residential packages, TM is the first to offer triple play high speed broadband services in the country via our VIP 5, VIP 10 and VIP 20 packages, enabling us to bring an integrated digital lifestyle into Malaysian homes. Having a proven track record as the premier HSBB service provider in Malaysia riding on the best and widest network coverage, TM is well positioned as Malaysia’s Broadband Champion,” said Dato’ Sri Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa, Group Chief Executive Officer, TM. 

“Our initial internal estimation was that UniFi would take off slower as consumers would take time to get used to the service’s value proposition of a faster, richer and more reliable online experience. We have been pleasantly surprised by the Malaysian public’s willingness to embrace it. We are now averaging a take up rate of 8 to 10 per cent of the premises passed as our HSBB service is being rolled out – beating our earlier 6 per cent estimate. Malaysians are sending us a loud and clear signal – that they want to spend their time online and are hungry for more bandwidth,” added Zamzamzairani.

In conjunction with UniFi’s continued service expansion to more areas nationwide, TM is also in the midst of a more aggressive go-to-market campaign to educate consumers and attract new subscribers. UniFi sales are steadily increasing and service installation capabilities are being progressively ramped up to meet demand. 

“TM is proud to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the introduction of our HSBB service, UniFi this week. To commemorate this occasion, we would like to thank our 1.7 million broadband customers and 60,000 Unifi customers for believing in us in delivering an enhanced and integrated digital lifestyle to their homes. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m pleased to announce that we are offering FREE viewing of all 23 HyppTV premium channels from 24 March to 30 April 2011 to all our UniFi customers,” Zamzamzairani said.

UniFi is currently being offered via three residential and three business packages. The residential packages are VIP5 at RM149 a month, VIP10 at RM199 a month and VIP20 at RM249 a month. Each package comes with a triple-play offering of Phone, High Speed Internet and a free basic IPTV offering, HyppTV. 

HyppTV currently offers 37 channels via UniFi residential packages. HyppTV’s 14 basic channels continue to be provided FREE-of-charge for all UniFi residential package subscribers. 23 PREMIUM channels are available for purchase on an ‘ala carte’ basis from as low as RM3 per-channel per-month whereas Video-on-Demand (VOD) starts from RM8 per title for all genres, including Hollywood, Malaysian, Asian and Bollywood. Popular Hollywood TV series are available from as low as RM48 per title (whole series) per season, viewable for an entire month. TM currently offers more than 1,000 hours of VOD anytime convenient to them. TM continuously enhances its HyppTV offerings by adding more exciting channels and pay-per-view content on a regular basis. 

Meanwhile, the UniFi business packages on offer are BIZ5 at RM199 a month, BIZ10 at RM599 a month and BIZ20 at RM899 a month. Each package comes as a dual-play offering (voice and High Speed Internet) with a very competitive call plan, as well as a host of complimentary value-added services serving the needs of businesses nationwide. 

Inked in September 2008, the RM11.3 billion national HSBB project is a Public-Private-Partnership agreement between TM and the Government of Malaysia to develop next generation high speed broadband infrastructure and services for the nation. 

TM is investing up to RM8.9 billion into the project while the Government is contributing RM2.4 billion on an incurred claims basis based on project milestones reached by TM. 

For a complete list of UniFi coverage areas and service availability, visit 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

UniFi Subscriber Target Reached

PETALING JAYA: UniFi, a high speed broadband (HSBB) service by Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM), has surpassed its year-end subscriber base target of 200,000.

In a statement on Tuesday, group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa said the group was very happy that the UniFi service had reached 200,000 subscribers from the 77 coverage areas and this milestone was achieved in only 1 years since it was launched.

“This also shows a faster take-up rate indicating excellent operational effectiveness as compared to our Broadband to General Population service, Streamyx, where we took three years to sign up 200,000 subscribers from nationwide availability”, he said.

He added that UniFi now averaged a take-up rate of 15%20% of the premises passed which had surpassed its initial estimates and expectations of 8% to 10% take-up rate of premises passed.

We expect UniFi take-up to continue to increase to 50% of premises passed in the next three to five years”, Zamzamzairani said.

UniFi is currently available at 77 exchange areas with more than 1.09 million premises passed.

The areas include the 61 in the inner Klang Valley as well as Nusajaya in Iskandar Malaysia and industrial areas around the country including eight in Johor, three in Penang, two in Kedah, one in Perak, one in Negri Sembilan and one in Malacca.

TM is on track to increase the UniFi service coverage to a total of 78 exchange areas covering 1.1 million premises passed by end of 2011 and 1.3 million premises passed by the end of 2012, which is the target set under the Public Private Partnership Agreement with the Government.

Friday, 8 April 2011

FAQ About UniFi

What is UniFi?
  • UniFi heralds a new age of digital lifestyle with a faster, richer and more reliable online experience.
  • UniFi is a bundled triple play service offering High Speed Internet, HyppTV (IPTV) and Voice. More information can be found in
What is the UniFi package offering?
  • UniFi is offering 3 residential and 3 business packages.
  • For residential VIP5 is RM149 a month, VIP10 is RM199 a month and VIP20 is RM249 a month.
  • Each package comes with voice, different Internet speeds and either a basic or premium HyppTV subscription.
  • For businesses, BIZ5 is RM199 a month, BIZ10 is RM599 a month and BIZ20 is RM899 a month.
  • Each package comes with attractive call plans, different Internet speeds and a host of complimentary services.
What is the difference between TM IPTV and other satellite TV operators?
  • TM IPTV is different from other satellite TV operators in that it is transmitted via a broadband network. This gives you added benefits such as not being susceptible to bad weather, as well as fast Internet access via IPTV. Being a broadband platform, you can also expect other IP-based services in the future.
  • TM IPTV also differs in term of the pricing model, which is an On-Demand approach, which means you pay only for the channels, movies or series you want to watch, rather than pay for the whole package, with no extra monthly fees involved.
  • In addition, the service delivers Series on Demand such as, CSI past season/Hollywood Premiere, which gives local viewers exciting and extraordinary content.
How can UniFi benefit me?
  • You will be able to experience the highest speed connection available in the market and this will enable you to tap into many services such as online games, downloadable rich content, virtual interaction (video calls) and an enriched shopping experience (rich multimedia virtual shopping, real time merchant tips).
  • UniFi provides more stable and reliable connections to ensure a premium customer experience.
How do I check service availability in my area?
  • You can check service availability by calling TM UniFi Centre at 1-300-88-1222 or visiting selected 6 TMpoint outlets currently in the HSBB areas: Taipan Subang Jaya, Damansara Utama, Menara TM, Jalan Raja Chulan, Shah Alam and Bangsar.
How do I subscribe to UniFi?
  • Interested parties can register their interest for UniFi at TM’s website, call TM UniFi Centre at 1300 88 1222, or visit selected 6 TMpoint outlets currently in the HSBB coverage areas: Taipan Subang Jaya, Damansara Utama, Menara TM, Jalan Raja Chulan, Shah Alam and Bangsar.
What are the charges like – installation fee, hardware rental, contract duration, etc?
  • There will be an initial promotion, waiving charges for standard installations and activations worth RM300.
  • In addition, the standard package is inclusive of equipment worth RM800 that will be given free-of-charge to customers.
  • No deposit will be imposed. Only monthly subscription fees for UniFi packages will apply.
  • Telephony usage charges and any purchase of value added services will be charged separately.
  • For more details, please visit . The duration of standard contracts is 24 months.
How long is the expected installation waiting period for new subscribers?
  • We will be informing new subscribers of the expected waiting period for their specific case.
  • In the first few months of operations, TM will be adjusting its resources to cope with the demand for UniFi.
How long does a typical physical installation and testing take?
  • The expected installation and testing will take approximately 4 to 8 hrs depending on the type of premises and the sensitive nature and complexity of fibre installations.
  • An installation involves a site survey, ducting, piping, electrical work and equipment configuration.
Does TM allow customers to appoint their own contractor to perform internal wiring?
  • Because TM is ultimately responsible to ensure that the highest quality of service is delivered to customers, we will not allow unaccredited contractors to perform the installation of the service.
  • Only TM or its appointed agents can install the fibre at the customer premise. That said, some customers will want to do additional enhancements in the internal wiring and they might opt to use additional third parties for this. But as TM, we need to ensure that the service is working properly upon our installation and with very high quality.
Does UniFi have a Fair Usage Policy (FUP)? Does the FUP differ across packages?
  • Yes, UniFi packages are subject to Fair Usage Policy. FUP is a standard global practice to ensure that a good quality of experience is provided to all customers.
  • UniFi packages for consumers (not businesses) come with a volume-based allocation and monthly download volume is capped.
  • However, the FUP will not impact customers who do not exhibit abusive usage behavior, and will not impact the delivery of IPTV and value added services.

For further details please contact the following:
Call TM UniFi Centre at 1-300-88-1222 or E-mail to
Visit the nearest 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

UniFi Packages

TM UniFi - Residential Packages

  • 5mbps – RM 149 (60GB monthly cap)
  • 10mbps – RM 199 (90GB monthly cap)
  • 20mbps – RM 249 (120GB monthly cap)
The data plans come bundled with a 22-channel IPTV service, free calls to TM numbers and free broadband equipment worth RM800 but all subscribers will however have to commit to a 24-month contract.

TM UniFi - Business Packages
  • 5mbps – RM 199 
  • 10mbps – RM 599 
  • 20mbps – RM 899 
It is included with the web hosting. The name of the web hosting is a username of the applicant.

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